Chart control

In this tutorial, we will learn how to control a large chart by measuring the lines in one or more times action

The control of a large charter can be useful in the following cases:

  • More in-depth quality control of your prints

  • Verification of charters intended for the creation of a profile to characterize an offset machine.

Importing the Print Control file

To check a large chart, it is first necessary to import the Print Control file created previously in the chapter "Creating a reference from a printed chart":

pageCreate a reference from a printed chart

Then select the Print Control file and right click to select the "Start Control" option.

The chart used when creating the Print Control file is displayed. It is possible, at this stage, to modify the pattern format in order to print it.

Printing of the charter

If the chart is not already printed, export it in Tiff or Pdf format to print it.

Charter measurement

Once the chart (s) has been printed, let them rest before starting to read. To start the measurements, click on the "Start reading" button

Select the reading and calibration mode, then click on "I'm ready"

Position the spectrophotometer in its calibration position

Then click on the "Start calibration" button

Multiple measurements

At this step, it is possible to define the number of measurements carried out per line by clicking on the "+ reading" button This in order to detect reading errors or to average the measurements for greater precision.

At the invitation of Coraye, start reading the chart.

Measure the line framed by the 2 blue cursors

Hovering over the measured patches will show you the values of Delta E, H and Ch

When the staff is completely measured, click on the "Reading done" button.

Viewing Reading Report

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