Customization of targets

If the standard pattern format does not suit you, Coraye allows you to customize your chart to suit your needs.

The settings for customizing charts are located to the right of the Staff Preview.

Edit the pattern format:

Depending on the instruments installed (plugins) in Coraye, pre-settings are offered depending on the selected spectrophotometer.

The default settings can be changed depending on the media sizes.

Edit the size of the patches

The sizes of the patches can be modified to optimize the ranges.

Edit separators

If your spectrophotometer cannot differentiate the patches of the test pattern, you can choose different separators

  • Without separator

  • Auto

  • Black and white

  • Color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)

  • Black Whites

Edit text

Parameter to modify the size of the letters corresponding to the lines.

Edit stop zones

The stop zone corresponds to the space between the letters and the first column of the staff.

Save presets

If you want to reuse the pattern format for later measurement or because you regularly use a media format to create your profiles, it may be useful to save your pattern format.

Once the preset is saved, you just have to select it when you load your test pattern. This will be formatted according to the settings you have defined.

Millimeter / Inches selection

Do you prefer measurements in inches? no problem...

Apply the changes

The "Apply changes" button must be selected to apply the new settings.

Once your test chart will be adjusted to your needs, don't forget to save it in Tiff or pdf format in order to print it and then measure it.

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