Export a Color Table to Onyx

Onyx is a RIP software that use a proprietary format for color chart management (.tab). Now we will see how it's so easy to share a Caldera color table with Coraye.

1. Import your table

The first thing to do is to drag and drop your color table in Coraye or to perform a "File / Open" to select your color table.

In this example we will use a Avery Dennison Vinyle spot color table created by reading of samples.

Coraye is compatible with .cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, .csv, etc ...

2. Export the painting in Onyx format

By right clicking, you will have access to export functionality. Select "Export".

A new window appears

Select the ".tab Onyx" icon

You will obtain a .tab file compatible with the Onyx RIP

Choose a name and save it. A ".tab" file is created in the selected folder.

3. Importing the color table (.tab) into the Onyx RIP

In the Onyx "RIP-Queue", go to the menus: "Setup >RIP Configuration > Color Matching Table".

The Color Matching Table opens and displays the list of available spot colors.

To add a new spot color table, select the "User defined colors" tab, then click the "Import ..." button.

Select the spot color table in .tab format, which you created with Coraye. Then click on "Open"

The colors of the table appear in the window. Click on "OK" to validate and close the window.

Now your color table is ready to use.

Don't forget to give the right name to your spot color in yours printouts.

Be careful, not all colors may be reproducible on your printer. To make sure, we invite you to use the gamut viewer to compare your color table with the icc profile of your printer.

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