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Compare and edit chart measures

Before taking the average of several chart measurements, intended for creating an icc characterization profile, it is advisable to check the measurements and correct them if necessary.

In this tutorial, we will measure 3 identical ECI2002R charts. The goal is to check if there is not too much difference between these charts and to check if measurement errors have not crept in during the reading.

Import of measurements made in the "Create profile" module

The imported measurements will appear in the left column

Creating a reference file

Click on the "Create a reference" button

The ECI2002R test charts being in CMYK mode, we will click on the "CMYK" button

We will choose the measurement "ECI2002R sample A" as a reference to compare it with the two others.

Drag & drop the "ECI2002R sample A" measurement into the "Drag the color table here" area

Then click on the "Use norm's Lab" button

Click on the "Next" button located at the bottom of the test chart

Name the reference file then click on "Save and exit"

The reference file appears in the left column.

Make sure the spectrophotometer is plugged in then right click on the reference file then select "Start control"

Select the options the options of the spectrophotometer then click on "I'm ready"

Position the spectrophotometer in its calibration position

Then click on the "Start calibration" button

Comparison of a measurement against the reference measurement

Drag & drop the "ECI2002 sample B" measurement file onto the "Reading # 1" button

When the measurement is loaded, click on the "Reading done" button

The report is displayed and indicates that there are samples that have an abnormally high difference. This may be due to a defective target or to a reading error.

In the "Reading report" area we will identify the bad measurements. Two measures are problematic:

  • the 18th measurement in column 13 => M10

  • The 10th measure in column 14 => N18

    We will measure them again.

Repeat the comparison of the "ECI2002R sample B" measurement against the reference measurement

When the measurement is loaded, the color hover allows you to view the deltaE values. Click on the color to re-measure.

The spectrophotometer will ask you for a calibration then measure the sample on the printed test chart.

Check the new value after measurement.

Perform the same operation for the second value.

Check the new value after measurement. When the measurements are finished, click on the "Reading done" button

The new report is displayed

Carry out the same operation with the other measurement "ECI2002R sample C"

The average of the verified measurements can be used to create the icc profile