Print Control

To produce consistent, high-quality prints, you need to monitor the stability of your printer.The Print Control module allows you to create your own references and use them to control your printouts.

The purpose of this module is to control the stability of your printer to avoid unpleasant surprises when printing. Print Control is composed of two modules:

The first Print Control "Reference" module is used to create the reference file that you will use later to control your prints. It is recommended to make a reference file after each paper profile creation. The "Create a reference Print Control Target" tutorial will guide you through for the creation of this reference file.

The second Print Control module "Control" allows you to use the reference file to control your printing. Each control measure will be added to the reference file in order to keep a history of the measurements made to monitor any drifts of your printer. This module can be very useful to decide if you need to redo a new calibration (for example : if you change the paper emulsion that you are used to using) or to help you making a technical diagnosis if there is a problem with your printer. Even to guarantee your customers the regularity of your prints.