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Export a Color Table to Wasatch RIP

Wasatch is a RIP software that use a specific .csv format for color chart management. Coraye can export and import this format.

The first thing to do is to drag and drop your color table in Coraye or to perform a "File / Open" to select your color table. Coraye is compatible with .cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, .csv, etc ...

Coraye is compatible with .cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, .csv, etc...

In this example we will use a PANTONE® spot color table. To use this PANTONE® spot color table you must have the licence to use it.

The best way to get it is to buy a PANTONE® Formula Guide.With each of them, you will have a Code to download the PANTONE® Color book into digital format with the PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software.

2. Export table to Wasatch format

By right clicking, you will have access to export functionalities. Select Wasatch and save the file

You will get a .csv file compatible with the Wasatch® RIP.

3. Import into WASATCH RIP

Open The WASATCH RIP software.

Select Menu Color then Color Database

Click on Create a Database

Choose a name for your Database

The Color Database windows will appear.

Click on the Import button.

Select the CIE Lab Color Space.

Then browse to select the .csv file created by Coraye.

Select your Spot Color Table .csv create with Coraye.

When you click OK, the colors will be imported in Wasatch SoftRIP.

Now you need to associated with your printer settings.

Don't forget to give the right name to your spot color in yours printouts.

4. Check the reproductivity of your colors

Be careful, not all colors may be reproducible on your printer. To make sure, we invite you to use the gamut viewer to compare your color table with the icc profile of your printer.Select your Spot Color Table .csv create with Coraye.