Activate a license

This procedure explains how to activate your license when you have received your activation code.

1) Activating a license in the Dashboard

When you have received your license, you have to activate it via the Coraye Dashboard. (

Enter your Email address and the password you received when you created your account

pageCreate an account

When you are connected, the activation window appears on the "Home Page" of

Copy and paste the code in the area below "Submit your Coraye code to unlock new modules right now!"

The activation code consists of three times six characters: XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX (par exemple: KWMT8P-I0ONPV-2FBHGN)

The list of options unlocked by code appears in the area below "What's inside"

To unlock and associate the license with your account, simply click on the "Activate code to my account" button

2) Consideration of options in the CORAYE software

The new options will be taken into account when you connect from the CORAYE software with your identification email and your password (the same one that you have chosen for your access to the Dashboard).

Please note: The connection requires internet access.

If you are already logged in, you will need to log out and then log in again.

3) Registering a license offline

For security reasons, internet access is not always possible, in this case it is possible to use a license (.licence) created from a hardware identification fingerprint. When you launch Coraye for the first time or when you have disconnected, you will find yourself on the welcome window of the Coraye software Click on "Use Offline License"

A window appears containing the code "Hardware identification fingerprint" If your computer cannot access the Internet, write down the fingerprint number corresponding to your computer (for example: 1e09f-b5eed-dd6f2) and have your license number (for example: KWMT8P-I0ONPV-2FBHGN).

Log into your Coraye Dashboard session. Enter your license number in the Activate your code section

Then click on the "Download my offline license file" button

Copy the fingerprint number of the computer on which the Coraye software is installed (for example: 1e09f-b5eed-dd6f2) then click on the "Download license" button

CAUTION the fingerprint number displayed corresponds to the fingerprint of the session of the user on which you are performing the manipulation. This means that if you install Coraye with an administrator account different from that of the end user, wait until you switch to the end user account before activating the offline license.

Warning Double check the code before downloading the license

You will recover a file named "Coraye-offline.licence" which will certainly be copied to your download folder. Copy this file to a usb key for example Go back to the computer on which Coraye is installed then click on the "Choose a file" button then select your license file "Coraye-offline.licence", and validate.

Congratulations, you have just activated your Coraye software. Your Coraye software has been launched and you can now access the tools unlocked by your license.

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