Installation of the Windows driver for your spectrophotometer

If Coraye does not recognize your spectrophotometer when it is connected, it is likely that the driver for your spectrophotometer is not installed or is incorrectly installed.

1) Driver download

The drivers are included in the Coraye spectrophotometer plugins, which can be downloaded from the dashboard:

In our example, we will install that of the Konica Minolta MYIRO.

1) With your favorite browser go to the Dashboard 2) Select the plugin corresponding to your spectrophotometer. 3) Download the Windows version plugin 4) Once the .zip file has downloaded, unzip it.

2) Unzipping the file

Once the file is decompressed, the driver for Windows 10 64 bits is available in the folder: C:\....\Plugin MYIRO\MYIRO-Pilot-WIN-1.1.6\lib\windows\x64

3) Driver installation

When you connect the spectrophotometer for the first time, it appears as "USB serial device" in Windows Device Manager.

This means that the driver has never been installed.

To install the driver, right click on "USB serial device" then select "Update driver"

Select "Browse my computer ..." to indicate the path of the folder in which the drive isr: C:\....\Plugin MYIRO\MYIRO-Pilot-WIN-1.1.6\lib\windows\x64

When you have indicated the path, click on "Next"

The driver will install, and "USB serial device" will become "Measuring Instruments". This means that the driver is correctly installed. Then click on the "Close" button

Now your spectrophotometer should be recognized by Coraye.

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