Spectral viewer

This module display spectral and reflectance curves. The purpose is to check the quality of your light into a viewing booth in your viewing conditions or to analyze a color sample for example.

1. How to use Spectral Viewer

In a first time, we need to load or capture light samples, or color samples, to display their curves.

Capture them:

Or load a .sp (light sample) or .spc (color sample) file:

Samples will be added in the left column. Into the main window of Coraye, click on the Spectral Viewer pictogram (the second icon on the top middle).

Then click on the small square at the right of the sample name. The spectral curve will be displayed

Example: Fluo tube light.

Example: Natural day light

Spectral Viewer is also able to display reflectance curves for color samples. The color of the curve is the color corresponding to the color sample.

2. Customize yours curves

3. Metamerism

By comparing the reflectance curve of a measured color sample with the spectral curve of an illuminant, we can get an idea of what will be the influence of an illuminant on a colored sample. (Metamerism) You can also use the slider on the scale to compare the curves between them.

In colorimetry, metamerism is a perceived matching of colors with different (nonmatching) spectral power distributions. Colors that match this way are called metamers.

When you hover over the curves you get the values in mW / (m2.nm)

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