Color finder module

Color finder help you matching a color among thousands! Let's learn how to use it in Coraye.

Do you need to know what is the nearest color from a guide book like PANTONE, RAL or a custom guide book, like fabric, vinyl or leather color guide book ? Color finder do that and you give the accuracy (Delta E) between the reading color and the closest color from your guide book.

In this example we will use a PANTONE spot color table.To use this PANTONE spot color table you must have the licence to use it.

The best way to get it, is to buy a PANTONE Formula Guide.With each of them, you will have a Code to download the PANTONE Color book into digital format with the PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software.

How to use Color Finder to Find a color into a guide book

First, you have to import your color table (.cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, csv or .table format) and colors previously read with Color Reader (.spc files). Drag & drop them from the folder to the left column.

Now, select the spot color and drag and drop the color table from the left bar to the color table location on the lower right area,

The closest color from the guide book will appear into the area "NEAREST COLOR" and the Delta E between the measured Color and the color found will be displayed below.

This function can be useful to know what is the closest color into a guide book like RAL or PANTONE.

But it can be also useful to control color into a Quality control process.

Or you could created your own vinyl, fabric or leather color guide book, to find the right color in all kind of application.

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