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Plugins installation and management

1) Plugins management on the CORAYE software interface

Access to plugin management is done by clicking on the "Settings" button located at the top right of the software.
When the installation is new, it is necessary to customize CORAYE by adding plugins corresponding to the spectrophotometers and the color engine that you will use.
In the example below we are missing the MYIRO spectrophotometer plugin from Konica Minolta. So we will install it. To install a plugin, we have two possibilities
    The first (and the simplest) is to click on the "Install plugin" button located under the icon corresponding to the instrument (for example MYIRO Pilot)
    The second is to download the plugin via the Dashboard and install it with the "Install Plugin" button

2) Download of a Plugin via the Dashboard

Click on "MYIRO-Pilot"
The MYIRO window opens, showing comments on the functionality of the spectrophotometer. To download the MYIRO plugin, click on the button corresponding to the system on which CORAYE is installed.
The plugin installation procedure is the same under Windows and Mac OS
The same installation procedure for all spectrophotometers
The downloaded file must not be decompressed and must remain in the .zip format

3) Installation of the plugin

In the "Config" interface of CORAYE, click on the "Install plugin" button
Select the MYIRO plugin (MYIRO-Pilot-MAC-1.2.1.zip)
Click on the "Install plugin" button
Once the installation is complete, the plugin appears in the interface.

4) Management of plugin options

To activate or deactivate the spectrophotometer, click on the button to the right of the selected spectrophotometer. In the example below, we have disabled Eye One Pro 2 and left Eye One Pro enabled.

5) Management of color engine options

In future versions, it will be possible to install several color engines in order to use the best of each of them.

CORAYE invented the hybrid color engine

6) Uninstalling and updating a plugin

To uninstall a plugin, just click on the red trash can button next to the "Settings" button.
To update a plugin, it is necessary to uninstall the old version, then install the new one.
Always install the latest versions of plugins when you update the software.
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