Create a color chart

Because the paper color charts are still very useful, Coraye allows you to generate the color charts in pdf format, which you can then print ...

... if you have a RIP capable of handling spot colors. A first page, an index as well as "CutContour" cutting contours can be added to the pdf for those who are also equipped with a plotter or a cutting table.

The advantage of producing printed color charts is not to try to copy Pantonier because printers generally do not have the capacity to reproduce all Pantone® colors.

But it would be interesting to print color charts containing custom color references measured on materials such as leather, which could be reproduced on a proof solution. Or, as another example, fabric swatches.

The printing of a color chart containing the Pantone® colors and which would be carried out on the production machine, could be useful:

  • For graphic designers who could finally have a preview of the colors they will end up with.

  • For the customers

  • For sales people

1) Color chart editor

The button used to access the swatches editor is located in the "Color Tables" window or by right-clicking on the color table file.

2) Types of color charts offered by Coraye

Coraye offers two types of color chart

The "Fan" mode

The "Sheet" mode

Editing the layout of the swatch sheets

This tab gives access to the customization of the format of the printing sheet for the nesting of the sheets of the color chart. It is also possible to add borders all around the sheet to provide the cutting marks, if necessary, later.

3) Customization of the color chart

Color chart format

In this tab you can define:

  • Add an index

  • Add a first page

  • Define the sheet format

  • Add a cutting contour (Direct tone CutContour for cutting table)

  • Add cutting lines (For cutting with a trimmer)

  • Add and define bleed to get edges without margins.

  • Define the size and number of colors per sheet

To apply the parameters, it is necessary to click on the validation button

Sheet format


The index lists the colors in the color chart and associates the color with the page number.

When nesting, the sheets of the color chart and the sheets of the index are amalgamated.

Crop marks and bleed

Cover page

Print media size

The format can be defined using standard formats (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0)

Or, it can be personalized. To switch from standard format to custom format, just click on the "Switch mode" button

Editing columns and rows

In this tab, it is possible to define the number of colors per column. With the height of the sheet defined, the more colors there are, the smaller the height of the sample will be. In the "Fan" color chart, you can define one or two colors per line. It is also possible to define a margin between the colors.

Export of the color chart in Pdf format

The menu for exporting the color chart in Pdf format is located below the preview.

The next step will be printing and cutting

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