Export a Color Table to Epson Edge Print RIP

Epson Edge Print RIP is proprietary software developed by Epson, to pilot some large format printer of the brand.This RIP is compatible with Adobe formats (.ase, .aco, .acb) for importing spot tables.

1. Import your Color Table into Coraye

The first thing to do, is to drag and drop you color table into Coraye

Coraye is compatible with .cxf, .aco, .acb, .ase, .csv, .lab (Caldera) files.

2. Export table to Epson Edge Print format

Epson Edge Print RIP is compatible with Adobe Color Table formats: - .ase - .acb - .aco

Into Coraye software, select you Color Table in the left column, then click right to select "Export".

A new window appears Select the ".acb, .aco or .ase" icon

Give a name before saving your file (for example: My Color Table.aco)

3. Import into Epson Edge Print

Open Epson Edge Print

Click on Tool tab then select Manage Preset...

Select Color Collection.

Select Import.

Browse to get your Color Table file.

Select it and open it.

Click on Proceed button to add your Color Table.

Select the Group Name or give a new name. Then click on the Finish button.

Your Color Table has been add into the Color Library Of Epson Edge Print RIP. Now you can send files with a named spot color, using the name of one of your table's colors to faithfully reproduce these colors.

If you click on a color in the list, you will see its Lab values.

Now your color table is ready to use.

Don't forget to give the right name to your spot color in yours printouts.

Be careful, not all colors may be reproducible on your printer. To make sure, we invite you to use the gamut viewer to compare your color table with the icc profile of your printer.

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