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Installation Problems
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Plugin fail to install
It may happens that you fail are blocked while installing a plugin or opening Coraye for the first time. Let's see together how to unlock the situation with only two commands !
Blocking at around 90% of the installation process

Coraye require a specific folder to be accessible

You may create or unlock a specific folder that is used by Coraye to install dependencies. This folder is /usr/local/lib.
Does the folder exist ?
To check if the folder exist you will need make a specific command into your terminal (Space + Cmd then ask for "terminal"). The command you will need to enter is :
sudo mkdir /usr/local/lib
Then your password will be required, so enter it. What have we done :
    sudo mean "as an admin, please do the following command".
    mkdir mean "create this folder if it does not exist yet
    /usr/local/lib is the folder we want to create/check that it exist
Does we have the right to read & write inside the folder ?
To allow Coraye to write and read inside the folder we will do a second and final command inside our terminal :
sudo chmod ugo+rw /usr/local/lib
This time it won't ask for your password since you already enter it. With this last command what have we done :
    sudo still mean "as an admin, please do the following command".
    chmod mean "change the folder access right to..."
    ugo+rw mean "... read and write mode"
    /usr/local/lib is the folder we want to read and write in
Now you can quit Coraye that should be still be blocked (Force exit if needed) then re-start it.
And we're done 🎉
Last modified 1yr ago