Color converter module

Le module de Color Converter vous permet de convertir une couleur apparaissant (ou importée d'une table) en RVB ou CMJN

When you have measured a color with Spot Reader, may be do you need to convert you color into RGB, CMYK or Lab. Color finder do that and also display the Delta E values after the conversion to tell if the color is reproductible.

How to use Color Converter to convert a color with an ICC profile

Measure or import the colors to convert, then the icc profile to use to perform the conversion.

For example, I'm selecting two icc profile (AdobeRGB1998 and Isocoated_v2) and two .spc files (2 previously measured color).

Scroll down the "Color converter menu" on the lower right bar, then drag & drop the icc profile to the profile location into the Color converter menu.

Select le rendering intent and the Delta E formula

Your color is automatically converting into CMYK or RGB, depending on it color space.

You get also Lab value after the conversion , and the delta E between the original Lab value and the Lab value after conversion, that will say if the color is reproductible or not into the color space used to convert the color.

Same example but with an RGB profile, The result will be into RGB.

An other example: you can use a paper simulation profile to do the conversion, and if the Delta E is close 0, that's means your color is reproductible on the printer with this paper. So, if your Delta E is more than 2, that's means your color can not be reproduce with accuracy.

If you do not have a profile to convert your colors, a choice of three profiles is proposed:

  • sRGB

  • Adobe RGB 1998

  • CMYK (Isocoated_v2_eci.icc) corresponding to the Fogra 39 standard

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