How to use a ruler with a Xrite ColorMunki Photo or an Xrite I1 Studio

The I1 studio is a spectrophotometer full of unexploited resources from the software suite provided by Xrite. With Coraye unlocked its possibilities.

Warning This feature is no longer supported from version 1.11.8

1) Introduction

Coraye allows to add new possibilities for the use of your I1 Studio or ColorMunki such as:

  1. You can customize the number of patches to print.

  2. You can choose the number of grayscale to optimize grayscale images.

  3. You can create a calibration before the characterization.

  4. You can print the charter in one go

  5. You can pick a color

  6. You can capture a light

  7. ... and you can use a ruler to read small patches...

2) Reading with a ruler

To use the I1 Studio with a ruler, you have to set the option "With ruler (smaller patches)" = "Yes"

The generated target will be the same as the I1 Pro target.

3) Reading without ruler

To use the I1 Studio without a ruler, you have to set the option "With ruler (smaller patches)" = "No"

The generated patches will be bigger to allow the reading of the target without ruler. As you can see, you will need more sheet of paper to print your target.

4) Making the ruler

1 - You have to download the drawing of the ruler in Adobe illustrator format or in pdf format (with the cut contour)

2 - Then print it on a thin material like a sheet of paper or a thin PVC.

3 - Paste double-sided tape on a guide

4 - Paste the guide under the outline, as shown in the picture below

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